Gastronomic souvenirs from Ukraine

After the journey you can bring home several thousand photos. And ethnic souvenirs. Or books. But nothing can be better than good traditional food. Taste, feel, enjoy!

Ukrainian cuisine is probably unknown in Europe. Bur it’s worth your attention. We have extraordinary local products and we are happy to share them with anyone who wants to study the Ukrainian history of taste.


History of Ukrainian cheesemaking counts several hundred years of experimenting and producing a variety of cheeses, made from cow, goat, sheep or buffalo milk. The young and aged, cheeses with spices or with herbs – taste it and choose the best for you.

Black caviar

The only Ukrainian farm that grows sturgeon is located in the Ukrainian village in the Kiev region. It produces Ukrainian Black caviar, certified by international standards – for us.

Kyiv cake

The sweetest gift from Ukraine. Cakes with whipped egg whites, nuts and secret cream.

“Salo” in chocolate

Unexpected, but very popular dessert to try.

Sweets. Five local flavors

The luxurious gift for people who really like surprises: chocolates with fermented black garlic, mushrooms, dried coriander, smoked bacon, truffle with buckwheat. Only in “Kanapa” restaurant.

Ukrainian brandy and tinctures

Strong Ukrainian drinks made of fruits and berries. Juicy and bright and brilliant: drunken cherries, plum or apricot dream, black currants or blueberry with lavender. And Carpathian Calvados. And dozens of names.

Ukrainian wine

Ukrainian winemaking history began on the northern Black Sea with the first Greek policies and experienced many ups and downs. There are four Ukrainian wine regions: Transcarpathian, Kherson region, Odessa (Bessarabia) and Crimea. Each of them is special soil. At Kanapa and Ostannya Barykada you can find wine from the most popular wine regions – Kherson and Odessa. Ask the sommelier, taste and surprises friends with unexpected gift from Ukraine.


Where to buy:

Restaurant “Kanana” Andriyivskiy Descent, 19

Art and gastronomic space “Ostannya Barykada”, Independence Square, 1

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